The Residence degli Ulivi

The Residence degli Ulivi is a complex of holiday flats which have been built recently or have been partly restored. It is situate on a hill situated on the top of a hill over the sandy beaches of the Marina of Pescoluse, in the Serre area in locality Scucchi (Municipality of Salve), approximately 10 km west of Santa Maria di Leuca, at the southernmost point of the Salento and at the beginning of the Ionic coast. The residence is also located only two chilometres from the well known “Maldive del Salento” and it is in an ideal point for a large number of excursions in the Salento.
The houses are in a private olive-orchard of eight thousand square meters. From the hill and each accommodation you can enjoy a marvellous panorama view of the charming territory of the Salento and the light blue and crystalline Ionic Sea. All the accommodations are perfect for families and children because of the quietness and the large space around. Pets are welcome. It is also fine for couples and young people, an oasis for the evenings outside with friends where you can appreciate the freshness after a warm day of sunshine on the beach.
All the accommodations and their systems have been constructed according to security laws and there is no danger in using them properly. The water of the reservoir is drinkable but we recommend boiling it for alimentary use. The houses will be furnished clean with bed–linen and towels. The weekly change is included in the price. Each accomodation also disposes of a comfortable private parking and a stone barbecue.
Visible from the residence, the long coastline surrounding the area of Leuca has several tourist–equipped beaches, but is famous especially for its open beaches in their natural environment, accessible both on foot and by car. For nature lovers, there are also quiet tours on foot or by bike in the various rural itineraries in the hills and near the sea. This part of Puglia is well also during the winter because of its mild climate, ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday in the spontaneous and pittoresque nature.

The residence complex includes 6 different houses: The Apartment and the Studio are part of the same building, the Large Trullo which is located in the north area, while the Little Trullo in the south; finally at the center of the residence are the Large Liama and the Small Liama, separated from their respective kitchens under a common roof. In the small illustration below you can see where the various houses are located within the residence and find out more about each of them by selecting the corresponding photo.

Mappa Residence Large Liama Small Liama Large Trullo Apartment Studio Little Trullo